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Hello there! I'm Anna, the baker, owner, and design creator behind Whoopie Company. I embarked on this delightful journey of crafting delicious whoopie pies in 2021. Over time, I've proudly showcased my whoopies in renowned places such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bryant Park, and various other local NYC stores. Today, I'm fully dedicated to elevating the Whoopie brand to new heights!

We specialize in baking a diverse range of flavors, including vegan and gluten-free options. Join us on this scrumptious adventure and discover a world of delectable whoopie pies!



The origin story of the whoopie pie is a delightful tale that combines the culinary traditions of two American regions, New England and Pennsylvania. While there are some variations to this story, a popular narrative traces the creation of the whoopie pie back to the early 20th century.

In the early 1900s, Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch communities in the eastern United States were known for their delicious home-cooked meals and desserts. These communities often packed lunches for their children and husbands who worked on farms or in various trades. They would include sandwiches made from leftover cake batter or dough, creating a portable, easy-to-eat treat.

One of these treats was a simple dessert made from two round pieces of chocolate cake with a sweet, creamy filling sandwiched in between. These early versions of the whoopie pie were not called by that name at the time. Instead, they were known by various regional names like "gobs" in Pennsylvania and "black moon pies" in Maine.

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